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Your April Farming Insight

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Plans to introduce tougher measures to tackle livestock worrying are welcome news for farmers and landowners. Livestock attacks - when dogs chase, attack or cause distress to sheep, cows or other animals - are devastating for farmers, both in terms of the stress and upset caused by seeing the suffering inflicted on their animals, and also the financial implications to their livelihood.

Under the proposed new legislation, police would be given greater powers to deal with livestock worrying including seizing and detaining dogs after serious incidents, and the power to take evidence samples from livestock and dogs as part of their investigation.

While the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) (Amendment) Bill is a positive step forward, it remains the responsibility of dog owners to ensure they remain alert and in control of their pets. Even a well trained dog can follow its instincts and chase livestock.

The countryside is there to be explored and enjoyed but it must be done so in a safe and respectful manner, with a heightened awareness of the potential dangers.

With more walkers heading out into the countryside to make the most of the better weather, keeping dogs under control and on a lead when around livestock could save a devastating and potentially lethal attack.

Whether it’s through legislation or practical steps, the ultimate aim has to be reducing the number of dog attacks on livestock. 

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