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Haulage Contractors & Fleet Insurance

From a van to a fleet of HGV’s, here at H&H Insurance Brokers we have access to a wide range of fleet and haulier specialist insurers to provide an insurance policy suitable for you and your business.  

Haulier and fleet insurance policies that keep your business on track

From a van to a fleet of HGV’s, here at H&H Insurance Brokers we have access to a wide range of fleet and haulier specialist insurers to provide an insurance policy suitable for you and your business.  We can offer fleet polices covering a wide variation of vehicles, cars, vans, trucks and special types all on one policy, saving you time and money.

  • Trailer cover
  • Wide acceptance criteria on types and numbers of drivers and / or vehicles
  • Dedicated claims service
  • Goods in-transit (optional)
  • Breakdown cover (optional)
We can also provide quotations for your business premises and contents, together or separately, although most of our clients prefer the combined option.
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Our commercial insurance services span across all sectors and company sizes, and we account for your business’ exact requirements when we generate a policy quote for you.

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Bespoke haulage and fleet insurances, what do they mean to me?

In the intricate world of logistics and transportation, the role of haulage contractors is indispensable. You navigate complex routes, transport valuable cargo, and keep the wheels of commerce turning. However, the nature of your operations exposes you to a multitude of risks that demand specialized protection.

Freight and Hauliers Liability

This insurance acts as a shield, safeguarding you against the many liabilities that can arise during the transportation of goods. From damages to cargo and third-party injuries to property damage, this insurance provides comprehensive coverage for the entire spectrum of risks faced in transit.

Motor Fleet insurance is crucial in the haulage industry

For businesses that manage a fleet of vehicles, be it trucks, cars, or vans, this insurance is a cornerstone of comprehensive protection. It brings a fleet of vehicles under a single policy umbrella, streamlining management, and enhancing cost efficiency. Accidents, damages, and liabilities that might occur across the entire fleet are covered.

Transportation of goods or passengers for payment

Whether it's delivery services, taxis, or haulage companies, "Hire and Reward Use" ensures that vehicles are appropriately insured for their intended purpose. This compliance protects businesses from the legal and financial repercussions that can arise from using vehicles in a manner that is not covered by their insurance.

A trio of insurances for haulage contractors

As the world of haulage contractors is one of intricacy and constant motion, navigating these complexities demands more than just skill; you will require a robust safety net that can absorb the shocks of unforeseen events. Freight and Hauliers Liability Insurance, coupled with Motor Fleet Insurance and a clear understanding of "Hire and Reward Use," will allow you to operate with confidence and resilience.
Luke Conn-Goodman, Account Executive | Commercial
1. What is Freight and Hauliers Liability Insurance?

Freight and Hauliers Liability Insurance offers protection to freight forwarders and haulage companies against liabilities arising from transporting goods. It covers damages to cargo, third-party injuries, and property damage during transit. This insurance safeguards businesses from potential financial losses and legal claims in the logistics and transportation industry.

2. What is Fleet Insurance?

Motor Fleet Insurance provides coverage for a collection of vehicles under a single policy. It's ideal for businesses with multiple vehicles, like cars, trucks, or vans. This insurance simplifies management, offering cost-efficiency and flexibility, while ensuring comprehensive protection against accidents, damages, and liabilities across the entire fleet.

3. What is Hire and Reward Use and why is it important for businesses who need it?

"Hire and Reward Use" refers to the commercial use of vehicles to transport goods or passengers in exchange for payment. This is crucial for businesses like delivery services, taxis, and haulage companies. It ensures the vehicles are properly insured for their intended purpose, protecting businesses from potential legal and financial consequences.