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Agricultural Contractors Insurance

With the British weather and time against you, as you work flat out drilling fields to harvesting crops, you need the peace of mind of an insurance policy which supports you if something goes wrong.  

With specialist policies and public liability insurance key, we ensure that your insurance needs are fully taken care of including your vital machinery and tools - ensuring you can keep going once the rain has stopped.

It is vital that Agricultural Contractors have the correct insurance cover to ensure they are protected when working on a customer’s land. This is particularly true as the Contractor may not even be aware of many of the risks that they face. These can range from Public Liability claims for an array of issues such as unintended breech of a customer’s scheme, environmental claims or crop damage. As well as the more expected issues such as combine or baler ingestion claims. 

Even for small contracting activities such as offering services to a neighbour’s farm, contracting insurance is vital to protect all involved.          

Accidents and errors often happen as contractors need to work quickly, often against the British weather, and for multiple clients in varying locations, they need the peace of mind of an insurance policy which supports them when something goes wrong.  

With specialist policies including Public Liability, Rural Protect (including claims from regulators) as well as Agricultural Vehicles and attachments, we can ensure that your insurance needs are fully taken care of.
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Clients are putting their trust in you, whether you are providing livestock services or harvesting crops. Let our team give you peace of mind, by providing the right insurance cover.

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Bespoke agricultural contracting insurance, what does it mean to me?

With specialist policies and public liability insurance key, we ensure that your insurance needs are fully taken care of including your vital machinery and tools - ensuring you can keep going even if the weather is against you.

I'm a self-employed contractor

If you are self-employed and work entirely on your own, you won't need employers' liability insurance. However, it is important to remember that you may need other types of insurance cover, such as public liability, product liability or professional indemnity insurance.

Is it not just farming, why do I need extra insurance?

In many cases yes it can be the same as your own land but there are other considerations to take into account, making a mistake on someone else’s land could prove more costly than on your own.

Sometimes what I do varies

It’s always good to discuss your plan for the business over the upcoming 12 months when your broker does you review. Discuss what you intend to do to ensure the cover is adequate because when you get busy it’s easy to forget.

I only help a neighbour

Whilst the risk of occasional contracting is lower than for those that do large amounts, it is still important to make sure that you have the correct cover in place should an incident occur.
Dylan Jones, Account Executive, South Cumbria & Lancashire
1. Who needs agricultural contracting insurance?

Agricultural contracting insurance is for those people contracted to work within the agricultural industry.  It can cover a vast number of trades such as harvesting, baling, spraying, fencing relief milking, sheep shearing and cattle foot trimming etc.  

2. Do I need public liability when working on the farmer's land?

Yes, as an agricultural contractor, you need to protect yourself against compensation claims made by a client or a member of the public for injury or damage to their property.

3. Do I need employers' liability?

Agricultural contractors will often employ others to assist with their business.  If this is the case, then you'll need to have employers' libaility cover.  This applies even if you are employing temporary or casual labour.  Should an accident occur they could make a claim against your for any injuries, losses or damages suffered.  EL insurance will defend the cost of compensation and legal costs.

4. Are there any other additional covers available?

Yes, it is possible to cover tools and equipment in the event of theft or damage.  Legal Expenses for any legal costs and finally Personal Accident which would help mitigate your financial losses in the event of an injury or illness to a named person.

5. Do I need different Vehicle insurance as a contractor?

Motor/Fleet Insurers need to be aware that you work as a contractor, we can also obtain cover for temporary hire equipment - such as combines, balers and forage harvesters if required.

6. Do I need Environmental Liability insurance?

Environmental liability insurance covers the cost of restoring damage caused by environmental accidents, such as pollution of land, water, air, and biodiversity damage. Moreover, recent UK and EU legislation has significantly increased the potential costs of remediating damage caused. Environmental issues need to be dealt with rapidly to protect the reputation of your business.