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Business Health Insurance

At H&H Insurance Brokers we’ve teamed up with Equipsme to offer SME businesses affordable, flexible health insurance plans which are designed to be easy to understand and flexible for your business and your employees.

Bespoke health insurance, what does it mean to me?

There are four plans offering your team 24/7 GP access, online health checks, physio sessions as well access to specialists for tests, scans and hospital treatment when arranged through AXA Health’s approved specialists and hospitals.

With Equipsme you’ll receive great benefits

- Private GP 24/7 - Nurse helpline 24/7 - Annual health check kit (depending on cover level) - Choose to include specialist diagnosis and tests - Choose to include hospital treatment - Physio support and sessions - Choose to include Stress Support 24/7 - Choose to include Dental & Optical benefit

What happens if I get cancer?

Fast diagnosis is key to getting treatment quickly so Equipsme plans cover until cancer is diagnosed and then you are guided back into the NHS for treatment. All plans offer access to a dedicated nurse helpline, so you can speak to heart and cancer nurse specialists for information and support.

Equipsme offer a simple pricing structure

- All ages 16-69 years cost the same at all levels. - Mix and match cover with a range of practical health and wellbeing benefits from top class service providers. - Employees can pay to upgrade and add family if they want to

I am self employed

Equipsme designed their Solo and Solo Plus plans for busy people who cannot take time off; you can take charge of your own health, find appointments that fit round you, get cover for your partner and children - and get sorted out and back to business, fast.

Benefits under the Solo Plan

- Private GP 24/7 – telephone and online appointments to fit around you - Nurse helpline 24/7 - Annual health check kit – to help keep you well - Private specialist consultations - Private specialist tests and diagnosis - Physio support and up to 5 sessions – helping you get back to fitness - Stress Support 24/7, and up to 8 counselling sessions - No excess

Benefits under Solo Plus

All the above included in the Solo Plan plus: - Physio support and up to 8 sessions – helping you get back to fitness - Private hospital treatment - £150 Excess
Equipsme Health Insurance
Business Health Insurance Quotation

If you have any questions, please call us on 01228 406290 to talk to a member of our specialist team. We look forward to helping you and your business stay protected...