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Farm Motor Insurance

With our farm motor insurance policies, we can cover various farm vehicles all under one policy, saving you the hassle of arranging various coverage for different vehicles. 

Insurance for farm motor cover which keeps your farm business running.

With our farm motor insurance policies, we can cover various vehicles all under one policy, saving you the hassle of arranging various coverage for different vehicles thus saving you both time and money.

The range of farm vehicle insurance policies include fleet-rated motor insurance policies and no claims discount based policies. We can also protect individual no claims discounts on vehicles. 

Types of vehicles covered:

-              Private cars
-              Commercial vehicles (including vans/pick-ups/4x4s/HGV’s/Livestock and Horse lorries)
-              Agricultural Vehicles (including Tractors, Articulated Tractors, Combines, Forage Harvesters,  Diggers, Dumpers, Excavators, Fork Lift Trucks, Quad Bikes & ATVs, All Terrain Cycles, Lawnmowers, Loaders, Loading Shovels, Sprayers, Telehandlers, UTV/TRV)

Being a motor policy specifically designed for agricultural businesses, our policies automatically include an unlimited number of agricultural trailers, horse trailers and trailed equipment, such as ploughs, drills, rollers, balers, spreaders, wrappers and hedge-trimmers. Front end attachments such as: forks, grabs, squeezes, mowers, baskets, are also automatically covered whilst attached or detached from an insureds vehicles. Being a motor policy specifically designed for agricultural businesses, most policies have extensions to include cover for items such as fitted GPS equipment which give rise to risks specific to the agricultural sector. 

Our Farm Motor policies offer flexibility of drivers, such as any driver over a certain age. There is also the option of reducing your premium by specifying named drivers, which is particularly useful on higher value cars and commercial vehicles. 

Some farm motor policies provide an emergency third party car driving extension, subject to agreement by Underwriters. Commuting to a single place of work (other than the farm) is automatically included. Additional Business use can also be extended beyond agriculture to cover different occupations, such as where a partner is employed outside the farm, or the insured has a separate role such as a land agent, agronomist or health and social care worker to name but a few.  We can also cover young drivers with provisional or full licences.

The policy allows for different cover levels for individual vehicles such as Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft, Third Party Only, Laid up – Fire & Theft.

We also offer a range of valuable additional covers such as breakdown cover, replacement vehicle cover and motor legal expenses.
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Our specialist team is committed to saving you both time and money, from including various attachments in your policy to fine tuning the details of your chosen coverage.

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Feefo’s Platinum Trusted Service Award in recognition of outstanding customer excellence. 

Excellent customer service is in our nature; it is who we are and what we stand for.  We are very proud of our team and the services they offer. Take a peek at some of our customer feedback.

Bespoke farm motor insurance, what does it mean to me?

Due to our expertise and specialism in the rural sector and the fact that we are an independent broker, ensures we are able to deliver insurance policies tailored to your individual requirements – whether you are a farmer, agricultural contractor, smallholder or a landscaper.

Driving a tractor on the road requires insurance

The Road Traffic Act requires all motorists to be insured against their liability for injuries to others (including passengers) and for damage to other people or people's property resulting from use of a vehicle on a road. It is an offence to drive your car or allow others to drive it without insurance.

As the variety and value of farm vehicles and equipment increases its important to know you have insurance cover should the worst happen

We regularly see agricultural vehicles with six figure values, as well as increasingly expensive attachments such as balers. Our Farm Motor insurance clients can be rest assured that an unlimited number of front and trailed attachments are automatically covered by the policy.

Motor Legal expenses cover for Private Cars, Commercial vehicles and Agricultural vehicles

Unlike many other providers who may only offer legal cover for cars and commercial vehicles, we can offer this cover for all vehicles insured on the policy, including tractors, combines, loadalls etc.

We are a Claims Lead Organisation

Should the worst happen, our claims team are there to support clients through the claim process. All of our Motor Insurance policies are issued with specific guidance on what to do in the event of an incident. Therefore, you can be rest assured that you will be well informed on the best course of action to protect yourself in the event of a motor accident.
Jade Pringle, Account Executive, North East
1. What is farm motor insurance?

Our insurance polices offer cover ranging from "Third party insurance" which is is the legal minimum. This means you're covered if you have an accident causing damage or injury to any other person, vehicle, animal or property. Right up to "Comprehensive" cover which includes cover for your own damage to a vehicle, trailer or attachments. 

2. Do all farm vehicles need insurance?

It is important to note that Road Traffic Act references to 'road'  generally include footpaths, bridleways and cycle tracks, and many roadways and driveways on private land (including many car parks). In most cases, the law will apply to them and there may be additional rules for particular paths or ways. Therefore it is advisable for all self propelled vehicles to have a minimum of Third Party Insurance. 

3. What extensions to cover are available under farm motor insurance policies?

Policies automatically cover an unlimited number of trailers and attachments, whilst attached or detached, as well as some polices offering cover for fitted GPS equipment. 

4. Do you need to a licence to drive a tractor on the road?

In order to drive a tractor on the road, you need to have a category F driving licence.

A category F licence can be obtained in two ways:
1.  Passing a car driving test, category F is automatically acquired
2.  Passing a  standalone tractor driving test (available from age 16 years).  This allows you to drive agricultural tractors and trailers with a maximum width of 2.45m only. This width restriction applies to both the tractor and the trailer with either a single axle or close coupled double axle. It will not cover any other type of vehicle.

5. Is Agricultural Contracting covered?

Any agricultural contracting should always be disclosed however minor. Some insurers may allow a small percentage of contracting at no extra charge but additional premiums will usually apply.

6. How can I reduce my premiums?

Most insurers will offer discounts for restricted driving on cars and commercial vehicles along with discounts for voluntary excesses.