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Home Insurance

Whether your home is a mansion, a country cottage, a flat or a terraced house, we all need the right cover on contents and buildings insurance to give you total peace of mind.

Your home and its contents are probably your most important financial assets, so ensuring they are adequately protected requires careful attention.

Home Insurance can be bought in three options:

  • Buildings and Contents
  • Buildings Only
  • Or Contents Only 

Buildings Insurance covers the structure, fixtures and fittings of your home. In comparison, Contents Insurance covers the things that you keep inside your home.

Our policies are tailored made to meet your requirements. They provide a wide range of optional sections and allow you to choose the best cover for your needs. Whether you’re looking for home contents insurance, buildings insurance, or a combination of the two, you’ll be in safe hands with us.

We can search the market for you. Many of our insurers do not feature on comparison websites, meaning we can access a broader range of providers.
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Bespoke home insurance, what does it mean to me?

Whether your home is a mansion, a country cottage, a flat or a terraced house, we all need the right cover on contents and buildings insurance to give you total peace of mind.

My home insurance has doubled

As technology improves, the cost of items increases which costs the insurer more to repair or replace if a claim is made. Not only this, but weather conditions could also mean an increase in your home insurance premiums, particularly if the conditions cause damage to homes resulting in more frequent claims

Buildings only insurance

Buildings insurance covers the cost of rebuilding your home if it's damaged or destroyed. It's usually compulsory if you're planning to buy your home with a mortgage which you may not be able to get unless you take out buildings insurance.

Difference between building and content insurance cover

The difference between buildings and contents insurance is that buildings insurance covers the physical structure of the property including the walls, roof and floors, while contents insurance covers items inside the property, like furniture and freestanding appliances

Buildings insurance from exchange or completion

As a buyer, having buildings insurance cover between exchange and completion is essential because as soon as contracts are exchanged the responsibility is on you. If damage to the property occurs after exchange, the seller must let you know and you are responsible for repairs.
Lee Sparrow, Account Executive
1. What does household insurance cover?

Household insurance covers your home, contents and belongings against damage or loss. It includes liability protection if someone is injured on your property and can cover temporary living costs if your home becomes uninhabitable. The specifics vary based on policy terms and coverage options.

2. How do I find out the reinstatement or rebuild value of my property?

To determine your property's reinstatement value, consider hiring a professional valuer or surveyor with expertise in property valuation. They will assess factors like size, location, materials, and construction costs.

3. Will my premium increase after making a claim?

Yes, making a claim on your insurance can lead to an increased premium. Insurance companies might view you as a higher risk customer. However, the specific impact on your premium can vary based on the claim's nature, your claim history, and your policy terms.

4. Can I include accidental damage on my household policy?

Accidental damage can be included in our insurance quotation if required.