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Manufacturers and Wholesaler Insurance

Your business will have varying needs for insurance requirements, and with our expert knowledge, we can ensure that you have adequate insurance in place for your business and premises, all at a competitive price.

From business interruption and loss of licence to goods in transit, a manufacturing premises faces considerable everyday risks.

In your manufacturing or wholesale business you will likely need cover for extensive machinery and raw materials and component parts, right through to storage and delivery of finished items.  

Property damage insurance may be required, designed to provide cover against incidents which cause building, contents, fixtures, and fittings damage.  Employers’ liability insurance, as well as public liability insurance for third party injuries and property damage will also be key.  

In addition, you may require more specific manufacturing insurance options, including equipment breakdown and refrigerated or frozen stock deterioration due to a power supply failure.

We can arrange cover for the following:

  • Business interruption
  • Machinery breakdown cover
  • Statutory machinery inspection
  • Stock and finished articles ready for dispatch
  • Public, product and employer’s liability
  • Goods in-transit

Health & Safety Management
We also appreciate for many businesses, it can be a challenge to meet the required health and safety standards to keep your employees safe and comply with relevant legislation, so working with AW Safety, a leading expert in the field of risk management and health and safety at work, we have developed H&H Safety to assist you with this process and to make it as straightforward as possible. 

We can assist with risk assessments, safe handling procedures, accident investigation, fire risk assessments and more – click here for more information on H&H Safety and the services provided.
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With our expert knowledge, we can ensure that you have adequate insurance in place for your business, all at a competitive price.

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Bespoke manufacturers or wholesalers insurance, what does that mean to me?

As the world of manufacturing and wholesaling is one of intricate complexity, where every cog in the wheel is indispensable, embracing a comprehensive insurance portfolio becomes your necessity – consult with insurance professionals who will ensure your business is adequately protected.

Property insurance for a manufacturing business with physical premises

This coverage will protect the manufacturing facility itself, the machinery and vital equipment within and your inventory. From fire to theft, or as a result of a natural disaster, this cover is essential.

Insurance cover for unforeseen events

If looking for insurance which offers compensation for lost income and ongoing expenses during the aftermath of covered events, a vital policy is a Business Interruption insurance, providing you with a financial buffer against any disruptions you may face and continuity of your business.

Faulty products will make their way onto the market

As products make their way into the world, should any of them become faulty and cause harm or damage to the end consumer, then the safety net of Product Liability insurance becomes essential, giving you protection against any resulting claims and legal actions.

With a successful business comes an important workforce

For businesses with employees, the mandate of Employers' Liability insurance becomes essential especially in the UK. This coverage provides more than just financial support for employees' work-related injuries or illnesses; it extends a legal shield that's indispensable in today's litigious environment.
Luke Conn-Goodman, Account Executive | Commercial
1. Do I need Directors and Officers insurance if I have a manufacturing business?

Yes, having Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance is important for your manufacturing business. It offers financial protection for company leaders against legal actions stemming from their decisions. Given the complex nature of manufacturing, D&O insurance can safeguard your directors and officers from potential liabilities, ensuring business continuity.

2. Our business manufacturers over two locations do we need separate insurances or can it be covered under one policy?

You can often consolidate coverage for multiple business locations under a single policy. This can streamline administration and potentially reduce costs. However, it's important to assess specific risks of each location. Consult an insurance expert to determine if a combined policy or separate insurances would be more suitable for your manufacturing business.

3. What will product liability cover for a manufacturing or wholesaler business?

Product liability insurance for manufacturing or wholesale businesses covers legal and financial risks associated with defective products causing harm. It helps with legal expenses, settlements, and medical costs if your products are found responsible for injuries or damages. This coverage is crucial to safeguard your business against potential lawsuits and financial losses.

4. As a manufacturer, do I need public liability insurance?

Yes, public liability insurance is crucial for manufacturers. It covers costs if a third party, like a customer or supplier, is injured or their property is damaged due to your business operations. This coverage shields you from legal claims and helps ensure financial stability in case of unforeseen accidents.

5. What does machinery breakdown insurance cover?

Machinery breakdown insurance provides coverage for the repair or replacement costs of your business's machinery and equipment in case of sudden breakdowns. It includes damages due to mechanical, electrical, or operator errors, ensuring minimal disruption to operations and mitigating financial losses arising from unexpected machinery failures.