Be Cyber Safe

12th June 2020

With millions of employees now working from home, companies are having to look at how to keep as many business-critical functions running as  possible while at the same time maintaining adequate security. New figures show that phishing attacks have risen 667%* in the UK in March. These attacks aren’t just happening infrequently either, Government statistics show that 75%* of large organisations were hacked last year.  As your broker we want to not only provide you with advice on how to insure against cyber risks, but also to direct you to relevant support so that you can avoid issues from occurring in the first place. Within this pack we have collated guidance from a range of trusted sources that we hope will help to make a positive difference to your business during this difficult time.

We have assembled a Guidance Booklet to help you stay Cyber Safe which details the risks to look out for and possible solutions – download your copy here

#Stay Safe. #Stay Alert. #Stay Cyber Safe.

If you have any specific queries, please contact Chris Clement on M: 07527 908513 or Philip Pagin on M: 07885 630637 or email us with your enquiry.  We are waiting to take you call and to support you to stay protected.