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After Storm Arwen: Claims Advice

Posted on: 29th November 2021

As Storm Arwen moves on stay alert, stay safe and be prepared by keeping a track on the weather via and follow ABI Storm Guidance:

  • Listen out for bad weather warnings on local radio and TV
  • Check the websites of the Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Natural Resources Wales or the Rivers Agency (Northern Ireland) and sign up for their free flood warning service
  • Make sure any unsecured items, like ladders in gardens, that can cause damage in high winds are secured
  • If you have a car, try and move it away from where flooding is expected
  • If you are in a flood risk area try to move valuable or essential items upstairs or to a high place
  • Keep a mobile phone with you
  • Check if it is safe to use electricity, gas and water supplies

If you need to claim, when safe to do so gather brief details:

* Location/premises

* Determine extent of damage, generally is it minor, moderate or severe

* Images

* Complete any emergency temporary repairs to secure property and keep invoice for any materials/labour

* Arrange quote for full repair

* Primary contact person and their contact details for access if needed

* Contact your Account Executive or HHIB head office on 01228 406290 for support and further claims advice