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Asset Finance for Renewable Energy

We are all aware that we need to be generating energy which produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reduces some types of air pollution plus diversifying our energy supply and reducing dependence on imported fuels.  How we finance new projects to achieve this aim, can be a daunting prospect but here at H&H Asset Finance we can help.

In a world acutely aware of the environmental challenges posed by greenhouse gas emissions and the pressing need to reduce our reliance on imported fuels, the quest for sustainable energy solutions has never been more critical

The time has come to transform our energy landscape, and you, as a forward-thinking business owner, play a vital role. The installation of renewable energy systems offers a multifaceted solution, ushering in an era of reduced emissions, decreased air pollution, and energy diversification. These benefits not only contribute to environmental well-being but also enhance energy security and bolster economic resilience.

At the heart of this transformation lie renewable energy technologies poised to revolutionize the energy sector. Wind turbines harness the power of the wind, while solar panels capture the sun's rays, both offering clean and abundant sources of energy. Anaerobic digesters and biomass boilers convert organic matter into usable energy, contributing to a circular economy. Heat pumps and hydropower projects further amplify the spectrum of possibilities, painting a future powered by innovation and sustainability.

H&H Asset Finance stands as your ally on this transformative journey. Situated in the North of England, our team intimately understands the financial intricacies of farming businesses. Whether you're considering wind turbines to power your operations or envisioning solar panels adorning your landscapes, our tailored finance solutions make your renewable energy aspirations achievable.

Affordability and accessibility lie at the core of our ethos. We offer attractive finance packages that enable you to invest in renewable energy equipment without undue financial strain. For those with established renewable energy initiatives, we extend re-finance options to further fuel your commitment to sustainability.

Moreover, our support transcends financial transactions. We are primed to advise and guide you from the project's inception, ensuring that your renewable energy venture aligns with your goals and vision. Our expertise extends beyond energy, encompassing farm diversification endeavours such as farm shops, glamping pods, and microbreweries, allowing your imagination to flourish without financial constraints.

H&H Asset Finance works in partnership with the North’s leading finance specialists Mulberry Asset Finance who have developed strong and trusted relationships with the leading UK and European Finance Companies.  Together we can arrange a tailor-made financial package to suit your needs.

In an era where environmental stewardship converges with economic viability, H&H Asset Finance stands ready to propel your journey towards a sustainable future. Together, we can power change, drive innovation, and contribute to a world powered by clean, renewable energy sources.
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1. What products can be financed?

Literally any renewable energy product from wind turbines to heat pumps, from solar panels to anaerobic digesters.

2. What types of finance are available for farmers and business owners?

Hire Purchase, Finance Lease, Unsecured Loans 

3. How much can I borrow, at what rates and over what period?

Minimum advance tends to be £10,000 with no upper limit, depending on the financial strength of the business. Rates vary again depending on credit rating but are very competitive. Periods tend to range from two to seven years.  

4. What does re-finance mean?

Unlocking the value of your owned assets to improve your cashflow. Funders will tend to lend you up to 80% of a forced sale value of the asset.