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Hotel, Pub and Restaurant Insurance

From traditional countryside inns, to trendy a-la carte spots and luxury boutique venues, we cover all types of pubs, hotels and restaurants. Our dedicated hospitality and tourism insurance policies are recognised by Cumbria Tourism, and we’re the organisation’s recommended provider for all hotel, pub and restaurant insurance requirements.

We understand that the day-to-day running of a pub, hotel or restaurant is no easy feat, keeping owners busy around the clock. With our hotel, pub and restaurant policies, we make life that bit easier for business owners should an incident happen on their premises — from theft to property damage or a fire, we’ll give you cover for insurable losses that helps you to get back up and running, sooner.  One of our trusted advisors will work closely with you to understand your requirements, providing you with a hotel, pub and restaurant insurance policy which is tailored to you and your business needs. 

Things we cover with our hotel, pub and restaurant insurance policies
When we’re assessing the terms of your hotel, pub or restaurant insurance policy, we’ll be able to factor in things including:

  • Buildings and contents 
  • Business interruption
  • Wet stock (beers, wine, spirits, mixers etc)
  • Dry stock (ingredients, bought-in foods)
  • Frozen and chilled food
  • Public, product and employer’s liability
  • Cover for outdoor events and pop-up bars (as part of your business)

More often than not, your business may offer a mixture of facilities covered by these kinds of policies, for example pubs with rooms for overnight stays — in this scenario, our brokers will examine the specifics necessary for the insurance coverage you’ll need.

To get a pub, hotel or restaurant insurance quote from one of our trusted advisors today, simply contact us and a member of the team will be in touch. Alternatively, take a look at our other hospitality & tourism products, including insurance for guest houses, glamping & caravanning sites, and bed and breakfast insurance policies.

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Pub, Hotel & Restaurant Insurance FAQs
What are the 3 types of insurance that hospitality businesses need?
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It is usual for insurance to be arranged as a combined package for hospitality businesses, however the three most essential parts over cover would be; Public and Product Liability, Employers Liability and Business Interruption Insurance. 

What insurance do I need for my pub?
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As a bare minimum it would be wise to insure against Public and Product Liability, Employers Liability and Business interruption Insurances, then consider the Buildings, Contents and stock insurance. This can all sit on the same policy, with no need for multiple insurances.

How much does it cost to insure a restaurant?
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This is very much based on what is needed to be insured, but insurance can typically start at £500 for insuring a restaurant.

Why is insurance important for a restaurant operation?
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Insurance is important to protect your business for claims brought against the restaurant by individuals for varying reasons, from food poisoning of customers, to slip, trips and falls, cuts and burns to kitchen staff, weather related claims for damage to buildings, and an insured peril causing material damage to the building insured, for example a fire breaking out in the kitchen could have the potential to cause a significant loss. Insurance is designed to cover these events.

Do hotels have public liability insurance?
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Not by law, but it would be extremely rare for a Hotel not to insure themselves against liability to the public.

Does home insurance cover hotel stays?
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Certain aspects would be covered if your home insurance has personal belongings cover, your luggage and items taken away with you would potentially be covered up to a specified amount. It is also wise to check the single article limit on your personal belongings cover to ensure this would be enough to insure the most expensive item taken away, such as watches and jewellery etc, and the geographical locations covered. Such as UK, Europe Worldwide etc.