Holiday Homes Insurance

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Holiday Homes Insurance

Holiday homes are a popular investment in the UK. Whether owners enjoy their second property themselves for periods throughout the year, or if they choose to let their property out to paying guests, there are an array of risks to navigate around. From falling foul to theft while the property is unoccupied, to a guest sustaining an injury on an uneven patio, holiday home insurance claims can vary greatly in severity, so having comprehensive, reliable cover is a must. 

Before you start welcoming guests into your property, or even if you keep it for personal use, it’s important to consider the type of insurance policy that you’ll need to keep your home, belongings, and potential guests safe.

Insurance for holiday homes that takes the hassle out of your investment

Should the worst happen while your property is unoccupied, or while you’ve got guests staying, you’ll want to make sure that all insurable losses are protected. To give you total assurance, we can cover anything from:: 

  • Specialist buildings and contents cover - accounting for time that the property may be unoccupied
  • Cover for friends, family or paying guests 
  • Public liability insurance - for those who rent their property out to paying guests
  • Material damage

Our holiday homes insurance quotes are handled by our dedicated team of tourism & hospitality specialists, and you’ll have direct contact with your account handler. For trusted holiday homes insurance, contact us today to find out more, or pick another type of policy for your business guest house insurance — we provide insurance for glamping sites, pubs, hotels & restaurants, and guest house insurance. 

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Holiday Home Insurance FAQs
Do holiday homes need insurance?
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You are not legally required to insure a holiday home but if you are still paying a mortgage on the property, your lender might require you to have buildings insurance cover for it.

What won’t holiday home insurance cover?
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Exclusions will depend on the insurance policy you choose, and it is important to read the terms and conditions of the policy that you’re taking out.

What kind of properties can I get holiday home insurance for?
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All kinds of properties can have holiday home insurance, but some properties may be harder to insure due to the nature of their construction, i.e. properties with features such as thatched roofs, or properties that are listed buildings. 

How long can my holiday home be empty for?
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This will be dependent on the insurer, but most policies will allow up to 30 days for unoccupancy, and some may be longer.