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Glamping and Caravanning Insurance

Interest in staycations has spiked in the past few years, and there are more options than ever before for holidaymakers choosing to stay on home soil for their annual getaway. Glamping and caravan sites are amongst the most popular choices for at-home holidays, nestled across every corner of the UK. With this in mind, we’ve made our caravan site & glamping insurance policies more agile, allowing business owners to focus on what really matters — keeping guests happy! 

Caravan site & glamping pod insurance policies tailored to your business’ needs

As part of our hospitality and tourism insurance offering, we provide comprehensive insurance for glamping businesses and caravan sites. Whether you need glamping pod insurance, or cover for a multi motorhome site, our experts will assess your business and tailor a policy that protects you against the essentials — while accounting for any necessary extra requirements, too.

If you’re unsure on the type of things your policy should cover, one of our friendly advisors will take the guesswork out by getting a clear understanding of your business, working closely with you throughout the process. We’ll assess the facilities you have onsite, and we’ll be able to provide guidance on some of the following elements of your caravan site or glamping insurance: 

  • Business interruption 
  • Public, product and employer’s liability
  • Material damage 

Welcome guests to your business with confidence that you’re covered against all eventualities with our trusted caravan site & glamping insurance policies. Contact us today and one of our advisors will provide more information, or find out more about our specialist tourism products — including guest house insurance, bed & breakfast policies and holiday home cover.

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Glamping & Caravan Site Insurance FAQs
What insurance do you need for a glamping site?
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Employers Liability Insurance is a legal requirement for any business that has an employee or even a labour-only subcontractor, you’ll also need Public Liability for the site so that if anyone on site holds you responsible for injury or damage to their property that you have cover to protect against this. An important thing to remember is your limit of indemnity here. If you’re likely to have children on the site, making sure this limit is appropriate is important.

You’ll also need to think about any buildings/pods on the site or facilities as these will need to be insured also. Glamping often has many novelty elements to them such as hot tubs or hired out equipment such as bikes or Segways and it’s important the insurer know about all of these elements as if they don’t know it likely isn’t covered. Never assume cover under any circumstances. Each Glamping site is unique so it’s important to work with a Broker who can understand your risk and get the right information in order to get the correct cover.

What does campsite insurance need to cover?
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Much like Glamping, typical campsites will require insurance to cover any buildings, caravans or facility buildings as well as the usual Liability insurance requirements. 

Is public liability essential for my glamping site insurance policy?
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Public Liability is essential to virtually all businesses including Glamping sites. If there is a risk that a member of the public could hold you responsible for injury or damage to their property then you need Public Liability. A Glamping/Campsite location should definitely have Public Liability insurance.