How to make a claim

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Here at H&H Insurance Brokers, we strive to ensure that all our clients experience a dedicated, attentive service — especially when it comes to a claim. As experienced brokers, we understand that making a claim can feel like a demanding process, but our specialist claims handlers are on hand to remove any associated stresses. We pride ourselves on being efficient, regional brokers, and your claim will always be dealt with directly — we will never rely on call centres.

From ensuring the details of your claim are recorded accurately, to keeping you up to date with the progress of your case, you’re guaranteed a dependable service when you choose H&H Insurance Brokers. To help guide you through the process, we’ve provided lots of helpful information below, answering some of the most frequently asked questions on making a claim, as well as providing essential supporting documents.

How to make an insurance claim
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To make a claim you can contact our head office on 01228 406250, and our dedicated claims team will assist you from here. Alternatively, you can email our team at [email protected] or register online.

If you register online or email our claims team will follow up with a call/email to start the claim process, please note that if you register or email on a weekend, this will be followed up the next working week. Should the claim require urgent support please contact your Account Executive.

What will I need to provide when making a claim?
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In general, you will need to provide copies of all paperwork that will help your claim, including:

  • Images  
  • Original purchase receipts
  • Emergency repair invoices to make property secure and safe   
  • Repair quotations
  • Replacement quotations including confirmation an item has been beyond economical repair if this is applicable
  • Confirmation of VAT status (i.e., can you claim VAT from HMRC in respect of the property being claimed for? If yes, insurers will only be able to consider any claim net of VAT where this is applicable).
  • Bank details for claim settlement
Additional documentation maybe required specific to the type of claim as per attached guidance documents
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You should also keep copies of the original documentation you supply.

We will ask you to provide details relating to the claim, generally what has happened and when, who was involved and a preliminary indication of any damage or injuries if applicable. The precise level of information/documentation that we will need from you to help progress your claim will depend on the type of claim. Our claims team will clarify specific requirements when liaising with you, but you can find some guidance

Additional points to remember when making an insurance claim
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  1. Report quickly
    Reporting your claim quickly provides your insurer with the opportunity to gather vital evidence, from CCTV footage before this is deleted, to contacting witnesses whilst an event is fresh in their minds to help determine and pursue Third Party fault claims to apportion liability. If you are at fault, it can help to capture Third Party as soon as possible, to control claim costs to keep your future premiums low.
  2. Quality of information
    Ensuring that your claim has sufficient detail is essential, and it can be vital in helping to support insurers when defending against spurious claim made against you
How long will my claim take?
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This will depend on not only the nature and complexity of the claim itself but the quality of information/documentation you can provide to support the claim. Our claims team will work closely with you to outline what is needed and also discuss the expected timescale for your claim.’

How will I be kept up-to-date about my claim?
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Our claims team will keep you updated at each stage of your claim usually by email and or phone, however should you have a particular preference, please just let us know and we will try to accommodate to suit you.

General claims guidance
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The Association of British Insurers (ABI) provide information/guidance on how to prevent and what to do if it happens:

If you need further advice or support

please contact us to speak to our dedicated in-house claims team on 01228 406250 during office hours, or alternatively you can email [email protected]