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Farm and Agricultural Machinery

If you are looking to purchase more modern and up-to-date equipment to grow your farming business, or simply replace older assets, we would be delighted to speak to you about arranging the asset finance. 

By giving us a quick call and having a chat with our highly experienced asset finance expert, we can hopefully save you a lot of time and effort trying to locate a competitive quote ... leaving you to get on with all your important farm work.  

Although we can arrange finance for brand new agricultural machinery at great rates, some of these new assets often come with subsidised finance from the dealer, so we therefore specialise in assisting farmers, agricultural contractors, forestry workers and landscapers to purchase second-hand used plant, machinery and vehicles – any item up to 10 to 15 years old. 

The following list includes some of the items we have recently arranged finance for: 

  • Tractors and Trailers (all makes, models and sizes)
  • Excavators (including mini-diggers and dumper trucks)
  • Drilling, Planting and Cultivation Machinery
  • Grass Cutting Equipment 
  • Combine Harvesters
  • Ploughs, Sprayers and Loaders
  • Robotic Milking Systems
  • Livestock Handling Systems
  • Feeding Systems
  • Farm Security Equipment and so much more...

You may also be considering diversification projects to maximise the returns on your farm including Glamping Pods, Farm Shops (note finance could include counters, refrigeration, furniture etc), Vending Machines, Ice Cream Parlours and Micro Breweries.  To discuss your project, simply contact us today, or find out more about our other Asset Finance products - including agricultural buildings and renewable energy.


Q: What assets can be financed?
A: Literally any asset you can think of, ranging from computers, CCTV, security cameras and drones right the way through to plant, machinery, vehicles and buildings. The list is endless!   

Q: What are the benefits of Hire Purchase?
A:  Spread the cost of your Investment over a fixed term, normally three to seven years, with full ownership at the end for a small option to purchase fee. 

Q: What are the benefits of Leasing?
A:  Gives the customer access to the assets they need in return for a regular monthly rental, avoiding the cost of commitment of ownership. The monthly rentals count as a monthly expense rather than owning an asset on your balance sheet. The rentals attract VAT.

Q: How does Re-Finance mean?
A:  Unlocking the value of your owned assets to improve your cashflow. Funders will tend to lend you up to 80% of a forced sale value of the asset.

Q: What types of finance are available for farmers? 
A:  Hire Purchase, Finance Lease, Unsecured Loans  

Q: If I want to diversify, will you be able to help me?
A:  Yes, we can assist with many diversification projects including glamping pods, ice cream parlours, microbreweries, farm shops and much more 

Q: How much can I borrow, at what rates and over what period?
A: Minimum advance tends to be £10,000 with no upper limit, depending on the financial strength of the business. Rates vary again depending on credit rating but are very competitive. Periods tend to range from two to seven years.

What our customers think

Personal touch valued. Time to discuss details.
A personal visit from representative enabled us to discuss fully any points we were unsure about, thus enabling us to make a better informed decision about what to include and what to miss out.

Karen - 06 January 2022

Great service
Easy to deal with

05 January 2022

Recommend them again

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Professional and efficient. I will use them again and recommend them

04 January 2022

The sales rep Haf was brilliant and found me a good deal
Brilliant service , good deal and easy to talk to someone who understood what I was after for my policy

02 December 2021

Excellent personal service.
Luke was very patient in explaining the 2 types of insurance my business needs and is likely to get a third policy from us in January.

Ray Cassidy - 02 December 2021

Very good
Very good, Yes. Not necessary

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Prompt and excellent service

02 December 2021

Great service
They were in touch with me on a regular basis sorting my insurance out. Then got me a good deal. Also when I had queries they were quick to answer them.

02 December 2021

Yes I would recommend to others. The staff were very helpful.

James - 02 December 2021

Excellent service

02 December 2021

Professional people to deal with
Have insured our farm and holiday cottage for many years and find everyone at the company always keen to help and support

02 December 2021

They listen to what you have to say and recommend the best cover available,then find the best deal to suit your needs.

Margaret - 08 November 2021

excellent service
excellent servibe by HandH would definately recommend

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As usual reliable, friendly and efficient.

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Excellent service
Excellent service and very helpful staff

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They handled all my questions quickly and easily

05 November 2021

From picking up the phone they responded professionally and very promptly to provide a competitive quote. This was flexibly adjusted to meet all of our requirements resulting complete cover within a week.

05 November 2021

Jade was very helpful and also gave us some great advice but most importantly saved us quite a bit of money on our yearly insurance costs

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All process handled well from start to finish Would highly recommend them

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