Agricultural Buildings

If you are looking to extend or repair existing buildings and barns, or maybe construct new ones here at H&H Asset Finance we can finance all types of agricultural buildings for strong credits ie established and owned farms, with up to a 84 months repayment terms.   This is normally agreed on an unsecured loan basis whereby the farmer can also use the loan to fund the groundworks etc as well.    

We have arranged finance for: 

  • Livestock Buildings
  • Farm Buildings including Grain Stores
  • Workshops and Big Sheds
  • Greenhouses and much more..

To find out more about our agricultural buildings asset finance plans, get in touch with our team or simply complete one of our enquiry forms and one of our Asset Finance specialists will be in touch. We're also able to provide information on asset finance for agricultural farming and machinery and renewable energy projects.


Q: What assets can be financed?
A: Literally any asset you can think of, ranging from computers, CCTV, security cameras and drones right the way through to plant, machinery, vehicles and buildings. The list is endless!   

Q: What are the benefits of Hire Purchase?
A:  Spread the cost of your Investment over a fixed term, normally three to seven years, with full ownership at the end for a small option to purchase fee. 

Q: What are the benefits of Leasing?
A:  Gives the customer access to the assets they need in return for a regular monthly rental, avoiding the cost of commitment of ownership. The monthly rentals count as a monthly expense rather than owning an asset on your balance sheet. The rentals attract VAT.

Q: How does Re-Finance mean?
A:  Unlocking the value of your owned assets to improve your cashflow. Funders will tend to lend you up to 80% of a forced sale value of the asset.

Q: What types of finance are available for farmers? 
A:  Hire Purchase, Finance Lease, Unsecured Loans  

Q: If I want to diversify, will you be able to help me?
A:  Yes, we can assist with many diversification projects including glamping pods, ice cream parlours, microbreweries, farm shops and much more 

Q: How much can I borrow, at what rates and over what period?
A: Minimum advance tends to be £10,000 with no upper limit, depending on the financial strength of the business. Rates vary again depending on credit rating but are very competitive. Periods tend to range from two to seven years.