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Introducing event-based flood insurance for commercial property owners

Flood insurance, available everywhere for every business.

  • Available even in high risk areas
  • No addresses are blacklisted
  • No loss adjustment
  • Full payment within days

How it works

  1. We agree a water depth and settlement amounts, then install your FloodFlash sensor
  2. If a flood occurs, the sensor records the water depth and sends it to the insurance underwriters
  3. The underwriters check whether the water has risen above the pre-agreed trigger depth
  4. If it has…we’ll send you your payment within days of the flood event



We use high-resolution data and state-of-the-art models to quote a fair premium specific to the flood risk you face.


FloodFlash’s event-based approach ensures affordable cover is now available even in high-risk areas.  No addresses are blacklisted.


We don’t mess around with paperwork or loss adjustment.  Your FloodFlash policy settles within days to minimize disruption.


Select trigger depth and payment amounts to suit your needs.  Payments have no restrictions, spend it on whatever you need after the flooding.


Claims are settle based on objective data from your FloodFlash sensor.  If your trigger depth is breached, we send you the full payment.

Rewards Resilience

Steps you take to reduce flood impact – such as installing flood walls – can directly reduce your premium.

If you are a property owner running your business, then this product is right for you.  For more details and information contact us in the first instance on either 01228 406290 or email your enquiry – one of our specialist team will respond directly.


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