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When things go bad, we come good

12th February 2018
Dedicated Claims Manager Applies Efficient and Rapid Claims Process

Dedicated claims manager applies efficient and quick claims process resulting in rapid results for farmers who are well organised and thorough.

As anyone making and insurance claim can attest, reporting a loss or damage, and chasing up the necessary evidence, can lead to delays and frustration.  To help overcome this, six months ago H&H Insurance Brokers appointed a dedicated Claims Manager, Keil Selby, to simplify and accelerate its insurance claims process. The new procedure has already yielded impressive results. Settlements have speeded up considerably, with some claims for livestock and property being turned round in a little as 24 hours.

Keil puts this success down to attention to detail. During the initial call making the claim, Keil advises clients exactly what they need to provide him with in terms of documentation and evidence.  If this is provided quickly, with no gaps, he reports that there have been minimal hold ups with processing claims. Those who have followed his advice exactly have resulted in a 98.3% success rate for claims settled in full.

Describing his experience of the speedy claims process, one recent H&H Insurance claimant,  Mr Burne said, “I have just received a cheque in very quick settlement of my livestock claim. I’m very happy with the way it was handled. Everyone involved could not have been more efficient.”

Keil adds, “Mr Burne’s is not an isolated experience. In January, one of our customers had an injured cow that was sadly euthanized by the vet, another had an injured bull – both received payment five days later.”

Why were these claims settled so quickly?  “We work very closely with all of our insurers to ensure we know what information is required to ensure the claims process is as painless and speedy as possible. Each of these clients sent through all of the necessary requested documents such as the claim forms, estimates, receipts and images, to me very quickly, together in one go.  As soon as we received this information we immediately submitted it to the insurers; they didn’t need to ask any further questions, they just processed the payments, as a matter of priority.”

“Whilst this may all seem like common sense, we know that parts of the process often get missed when things go wrong and panic sets in. At H&H Insurance Brokers we recognise this, and that is why we have invested heavily to support clients through the claims process As a Claims Manager, my role is to support each and every claimant, to ensure everything is being done to get valid claims paid as quickly as possible.” concludes Keil.

For more information about the services that H&H Insurance Brokers offer please email us or call us on 01228 406290

Advice to Claimants

“When claiming for criminal damage or stolen items always report the incident to the police as you will be asked for a police reference, and do this as soon as possible after the incident.   As long as the right documents are available and all the information needed is immediately to hand, the procedure can in some instances lead to almost immediate payments.”

H&H Speedy Claims Overview:

  1. Keep all records of purchases, livestock records and photograph insured valuables
  2. Keep your policy records close to hand
  3. Ensure you have a police reference number when a crime has taken place
  4. Call the Insurance Helpline for further guidance of evidence you need to supply
  5. Make sure all details are clear and concise
  6. File you claim as soon as possible

Keil has a plethora of hints and tips to speed up your claim.  His advice is rich with detailed guidelines, he says: “In summary, ensure you know times and dates, exactly what happened, what you’re claiming for, and the details of everyone involved.”

H&H Insurance Brokers was established in 1897, has a heritage in the farming community, and understand the industry better than most. With four regional offices in Carlisle, Durham, Newtown St Boswells and Ruthin, it has secured gold status Feefo customer feedback, and is one of only a select group of Brokers to have the accredited Chartered Insurance Broker status.


12 February 2018