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Stolen Sheep Claim Settled in 16 Days

29th June 2018
Keil Selby Claims Manager with client Mr Weatherson who was happy with speedy claims service having had sheep stolen from his farm

When farm businesses take out insurance, it is of course to protect their business along with the people, the buildings, the machinery and for a livestock farmer, it is also for their livestock as one of our clients recently found out.

The hope is that they will not need to use the insurance to make a claim and if they do, that the claim will be settled as quickly and as easily as possible. However, if the time does come when a claim must be made, it is important that claimants understand the best way to handle the procedure to ensure a timely pay out.

This is something which has just happened to one of H&H Insurance Brokers’ clients Northumberland Farmer, Mr William Weatherson of Edges Green Farm, near Haltwhistle, who also farms land at Hayning Farm, Wark. It was when William was checking his field of Blackface, Cheviot and Texel sheep at Hayning Farm, that he suddenly became aware that 37 of his hogs were missing.

Here, Mr Weatherson, gives some background to his claim: “When I look the sheep, I count the sheep, and this field of sheep at Hayning is in the middle of Wark Forest, so it is quite literally surrounded by trees. On the Saturday I counted 117 sheep in the field, and on the Monday morning, there were only 80 left in the field. I couldn’t believe it, and I quickly realised that 37 have been stolen.

I am not someone to claim just for the sake of it. I have been insured with H&H Insurance Brokers for many many years and this was my first big claim and I have to say that the whole procedure was brilliant. I couldn’t believe how fast they handled and settled my claim. It took only 16 days from the date the sheep were stolen to receiving a cheque.

In line with their procedure, Claims Manager, Keil Selby, informed me exactly what I needed to do and the information I needed to secure, to make the claim as simple and as swift as possible. I had the crime number and the sergeant’s name and within three days the auctioneer valued and provided me with a written valuation for the three breeds of sheep; I received full payment within a fortnight of the sheep being stolen.

I didn’t even have to wait for the post. Keil contacted me to tell me that the cheque had arrived and as I was in the mart ring at Borderway Auction Mart, I just went upstairs and collected it.

This was an excellent result, and I can honestly say, that if you follow the guidelines and advice you are given, you should have no hassle whatsoever. For me, this really does just demonstrate how important it is to have the correct insurance in place, to ensure your livestock is protected, in the very rare case that they are stolen.”

Keil Selby, Claims Manager for H&H Insurance Brokers said: “We are delighted that as a result of our recently introduced speedy claims procedure, our farming customers are receiving their settlements so swiftly. We always advise claimants to have their evidence compiled and sent in to us as soon as possible, and this case has proved to be an example of this.

William very efficiently pulled together the details needed to make a claim. This included the policy number, policy document, exactly what happened, what he was claiming for, number of animals involved, animal’s details, description of the theft circumstances and the incident date. As requested, he also arranged for a local auctioneer to value and provide a written valuation of the sheep.”

With a focus on farm and rural insurances, H&H Insurance Brokers operate across Northern England and the Scottish Borders, marking its 30th year in 2017 providing farm and rural businesses with bespoke insurance policies.  From relatively small beginnings, the business has grown to be one of the largest specialist independent insurance brokers in the UK.   For more information about the services that H&H Insurance Brokers offer please contact us.

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