Oulton Tractor Run

9th August 2018

H&H Insurance Brokers are delighted to help with sponsorship for the 9th Oulton Tractor Run to be held on Sunday 12 August.  The event commences at Oulton village Hall and 33 miles later completes at the Aikton Arms, Aikton.  The event starts at 10.00am.

Typically there will be 35 to 40 tractors, of varying vintage, driven by farmers and enthusiasts and prizes will be awarded for ‘best preserved’ and ‘best presented’ tractors.  The route keeps largely to the sometimes challenging back roads of the county, through places of interest in the Solway landscape which most drivers won’t have visited before!

The Three Airfields Tour
This year the route includes Kirkbride where they will visit the airfield, formerly RAF Kirkbride, now operated by Solway Light Aviation Limited.  The route will follow the Solway coast around Anthorn past the present transmitter station located on the airfield, once designated HMS Nuthatch, formerly used by the Fleet Air Arm, the RAF, and the Royal Naval Air Service.  After refreshments, the route then proceeds to Burgh-by-Sands, Moorhouse and Wiggonby, quick detour through the Watchtree Nature Reserve, formerly RAF Great Orton with the final stop at Aikton for lunch and the presentation of prizes.   To visit their Facebook page for more information, please click here

For the vintage tractor enthusiast, it promises to be a good morning out!

If you require insurance for your ‘pride and joy’ vintage tractor, why not give our team a call 01228 406290 for a competitive quote or email us with your details and we’ll come back to you.

Good luck to all the participants – from all the staff here at H&H Insurance Brokers – we hope you enjoy your day!!  Vroom, vroom…