Home Insurance Cover

19th July 2017
Home insurance cover at H&H Insurance Brokers

Whatever kind of home insurance you are looking for we can help find the right cover for you.   Our in-house experts will guide you through the process offering their professional advice – helping make sure you get the right cover at a competitive price.

A recent survey* revealed that as many as 10 million UK household clients don’t hold the correct level of cover – leaving them seriously exposed in the event of any claim.

Worryingly, the same research found more than two thirds (67 per cent of those asked) don’t know the rebuild value of their home, with more than a third (35 per cent) unaware of the difference between house value and rebuild value – skewing the value of their policies.

For many, the reason for the discrepancy was a failure to understand how costings work.

Almost a quarter (22 per cent) had estimated their own rebuild costs, with a further 30 per cent not bothering to provide a figure at all or hoping their insurer would guesstimate for them.

Basing policies on such shaky number work is hardly ideal. So how can a broker like H&H Insurance Brokers help clients to get it right first time?

Solid Partnership
Building a strong relationship between us is key; this helps to ensure the cover and circumstance are reviewed and we can give clear explanations of terminology and procedure.

With access to many specialist insurers we can help find cover for those special or unique properties that you may have difficulty finding insurance for.

Is it Good Value?
We know that our clients are all looking for the best deal but this won’t always mean choosing the lowest priced option.

Gaining a low price premium might sound appealing in the short-term but if the right level of protection isn’t provided, it’s clearly a false economy.

By helping our clients understand this, we can ensure they enjoy the right level of cover is always put in place – reinforcing good practice and providing permanent peace of mind.

Need some assistance?  Contact your local H&H Insurance Broker’s office or email us with your enquiry.

*Research conducted by SunHill, in December 2015