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H&H Safety | Claire & Terry Sharpe

9th February 2020


Claire and Terry Sharpe are First Aid Trainers as well as qualified health care professionals registered with The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and along with experienced instructors and casualty actors, run the H&H First Aid for Farmers Courses – practical three hour courses to advise attendees on what to do in the event of a serious accident occurring on your land, farm or in the forestry.

Their talk on the H&H Safety Farm Zone stand is entitled “Life Saving First Aid Priorities before Professional Assistance Arrives”

During their talk and demonstrations, they will deliver information on the aims of first aid and practical demonstrations on:

  • Basic life support, with the opportunity for the attendees to participate
  • How to control severe bleeding, when dealing with injuries such as amputation
  • Fall from height with spinal injury consideration

This promises to be an informative and interesting demonstration with audience participation encouraged!

For more information or advice on your health & safety queries, please email us