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Farmer Event at St Boswells’ Mart

12th February 2016
Head of Economic Services Stuart Ashworth attending H&H Insurance Brokers seminar

Harrison & Hetherington’s St Boswell’s mart will host an inaugural event about rural services on offer in the area. At the event, which will be held on Thursday 25th February, the H&H Group’s Chief Executive, Brian Richardson, will be introducing the H&H staff and the new range of services that rural customers can access, in addition to its regular sales. The event, which includes talks on rural business issues and supper, will start at 6.30 pm and is open to all farmers.

Mr Richardson describes the event: “The aim is to provide an introduction to the H&H Group of companies, and the services and products we can provide for our Borders’ customers. The mart will also provide direct access to H&H Land and Property and H&H Insurance Brokers, whose businesses will have a local base there.”

He adds: “Harrison and Hetherington took over St Boswells’ when it purchased the two border-based marts of John Swan & Sons Plc in October last year. Since then we have been busy renovating and refreshing the premises, our staff have been moving in, and getting to know their way about. This is our first opportunity since we moved into the area to introduce ourselves, welcome and meet people across the district.”

He concludes: “These events really are looking to the future. We are committed to building a livestock-focused rural business enterprise at St Boswells. With rural insurance, property and livestock expertise on hand, the hope is that the mart will be a mecca for rural business and the rural community.”

Secondly to Brian Richardson’s introduction, Diane Turner, of Rural Protect, will be giving a brief over-view about Rural Protect and protecting farmers from litigation, on behalf of H&H Insurance Brokers. In addition to Rural Protect Diane will be explaining HSE’s new Fee for Intervention, and the HSE’s new sentencing guidelines and how these may affect farmers.

Finally Stuart Ashworth, Head of Economic Services, Quality Meat Scotland, will review the current state of the cattle and sheep market, and discuss the challenges and opportunities of the next twelve months.

Stuart comments: “Most farmers are aware of the challenges they face in maximising market returns, so what I will be explaining on the evening is why these challenges have arisen. I will also be distilling some of the myths and legends that have been circulating, and try to draw some conclusions as to where the market place is taking us over the next 12-24 months.”

After a questions and answers session about the issues and services described, a light supper will be provided in the Mart during which time members from H&H Land and Property, Harrison and Hetherington and H&H Insurance Brokers will be on hand to chat or answer any queries.

Anyone wishing to attend should contact Carolyn Charlton, on 01228 406232, or e-mail carolync@borderway.com.

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