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Early Notification is Essential

8th February 2018
early notification after an accident has occurred is essential.

Whether you report a claim directly to your insurer or through a broker, early notification after an accident has occurred is essential. The sooner the insurer is notified, the quicker they are able to assist with a claim. Whether a road accident, theft from the home or damage to a building, we capture all available information we need at the initial notification stage to enable a fast response from the insurer and get a claim progressed as quick as possible.

There have been studies to show that the earlier a claim is notified, the less impact there is on the claims journey. For example, if you were to run into the back of a stationary third-party vehicle at traffic lights and moderate damage is caused, as well as the third-party driver suffering whiplash, the cost of the claim if notified on the day it happens is estimated at £5,000.00. This is compared to £11,500.00 if notification occurs on day 15, and if you were to wait until 30 days to notify us of a claim, the original figure quadruples to an estimated £20,000.00.

If you are in doubt as to whether your policy covers you for damage, ask!  We can advise the cover in place and if you do not have the cover required, we can add it on, either mid-term or at renewal depending on the policy, so you are covered should such an event happen in the future.

Many insurance companies do not penalise you if a claim is just investigated and then doesn’t go ahead. So, if an assessor sees your damaged car or a loss adjuster looks at water damaged ceiling and you don’t claim for the damages, most insurer’s will often pay the professional fees and close the file. A claim is only considered a claim in the majority of cases if a payment is made for damage or injuries to you or a third-party.

Not only can prompt claims notification assist with ensuring claims cost and experience against policy records are contained, by gathering information from you first hand, your insurers are best placed to make enquiries, contact any third parties involved straight away and act your best interests if liability is disputed.

For further advice contact our dedicated Claims Team at H&H Insurance Brokers based in Carlisle, Cumbria via email or telephone on 01228 406290