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Business Flood Recovery Do’s & Don’ts

24th January 2018
As quickly as you want to reopen your doors, you could do yourself harm without taking the right precautions following a flood.

It can take a while for business operations to be fully up and running again if you’ve been caught out by a flood. Before you rush into a clean-up job, take note of these do’s and don’ts so you don’t risk your own health on top of your business.


  • Avoid direct contact with floodwater by wearing rubber boots and gloves.
  • Cover any wounds with a plaster to prevent the risk of infection from dirty water.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after any clean-up operations. Floodwater can contain sewage, and areas of your property may have been contaminated with rat urine and faeces as well as any hazardous substances which may have leaked due to flooding.
  • Seek specialists if you believe the flooding may have caused damage to asbestos materials. Some are more delicate and lower lying than others.
  • Ensure good ventilation during the drying out process.
  • Get electrical appliances or outlets checked if you’re concerned they may have been affected.


  • Use heaters powered by diesel or petrol inside to dry out your premises. They give off toxic fumes which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning in enclosed areas.
  • Touch any sources of electricity which are still standing in water
  • Mix chlorine with other detergents, as the reaction can cause harmful fumes
  • Forget to protect your face or other areas of exposed skin if using high-pressure washers to clean the property. Powerful jet streams can spray contaminated water into the air, so consider using a hose pipe instead.

Lastly, don’t forget to speak to your insurer
If you’ve glossed over the part of your insurance schedule which tells you what you’re covered for in the event of a flood, you may have more support than you thought. You should notify your insurer or insurance broker of the potential claim right away, so steps can be taken to get your settlement underway and arrange for loss adjusters to assess the damage.

If you are insured with H&H Insurance Brokers then please either call us on 01228 406290 or email Keil Selby, Claims Manager direct.