Apprentice Success at H&H

12th December 2018
Apprentice Success at H&H Insurance Brokers; pictured are Aiva Woodman, Kally Shane and Amy Robinson

A preferred professional career path for many people is often through an apprenticeship or employment training programme and this is the route which has been taken by both Amy Robinson and Aiva Woodman, two members of our staff based in Carlisle, Cumbria. 

Both are at different stages of their chosen career with HHIB and within the insurance profession. Amy, aged 23, who started as an Apprentice with H&H Insurance Brokers three years ago, has recently obtained her professional qualification.   Aiva joined the team as a Trainee Account Handler during the summer.

For Amy, joining HHIB was her first real job and one which she has thoroughly enjoyed from the outset. During her time as an Apprentice Account Handler, she completed a number of onsite assessments, and off-site courses and examinations in Manchester. She has just gained her Cert CII from the Chartered Insurance Institute, the professional body for the insurance and financial planning profession.

Amy describes the process of her training programme: “My mentor within the business was Kally Shane, our Operations Manager, whom I have to thank for appointing me and encouraging me massively throughout. At times, the course was really challenging and there were two individual exams, in addition to regular work-based assessments.”

“I am delighted to have achieved my Cert CII qualification and I really enjoy my job. I have my own portfolio of clients and I work closely with our Account Executives to ensure we deliver the best service possible.  Being from a farming background really helps, as I am working in an industry that I understand and am comfortable with. Going forward, I would like to further progress my career, so will continue taking more professional exams.”

Kally Shane, Amy’s mentor, who oversees and assesses the apprentices’ training programme at HHIB, said: “To qualify is a lengthy process which involves a series of challenges, and requires serious commitment from the individual. So achieving this professional qualification for Amy is a huge milestone and is a direct result of her hard work.”

Joining the company as a Trainee Account Handler is Aiva Woodman, who has previously worked with another local insurance broker. She views this traineeship as providing her with the opportunity to work for a progressive and notable company, and one which will provide mentoring and training to establish a successful career pathway. Before turning to business, Aiva obtained a BSc (Hons) Degree in Psychology.  In her new role, she will be working within HHIB on the farm team.

“People will always need insurance, and I am very much looking forward to establishing myself and working towards my professional qualifications”, says Aiva.

As one of the foremost rural insurance brokers in the country, HHIB offers a diverse and targeted career path, giving employees a breadth of skills and experience.

Managing Director of H&H Insurance Brokers, Paul Graham, explains the route apprentices follow: “There are different learning opportunities for the younger generation, and for some, a work-based training programme is the best route.  As a company, we are fully committed to supporting the next generation and investing in all our staff, mentoring and helping them to secure their qualifications and to be the best they can be. The career paths which Amy and Aiva have chosen are perfect for them and help them establish their profession within the insurance industry. As an employer we benefit by having engaged, challenged and highly motivated and skilled staff.

Amy is an outstanding example of the success of the modern apprenticeship programme – a now-qualified and experienced employee, with real responsibility. So on behalf of the company, I would like to congratulate her. Aiva is on the first steps in the same direction and we look forward to guiding her on her journey to success; we can already see great potential in Aiva”, concludes Paul.