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Bed and Breakfast Insurance

Keeping guests happy is your priority as a B&B owner, and that’s exactly why we’re on hand to take the hassle out of your insurance needs. Your business may keep you busy, but you should remain aware of the fact that a bustling bed & breakfast poses the potential for accidents. From cases of food poisoning to material damage to property, we’ve dealt with a variety of incidents at bed & breakfast establishments, but with our specialist insurance policies, we’ve helped business owners through these situations seamlessly.

We’re bed and breakfast insurance specialists, and our policies are recognised by Cumbria Tourism — in fact, we’re the trust’s chosen provider in the area for tourism & hospitality insurance services. Enjoy total peace of mind and focus on what matters the most when you take out a policy with us.

Bed and breakfast insurance policies that keep your business in mind

Our dedicated team of account handlers will give you a bespoke quote, tailored to your bed & breakfast business’ needs, taking into account key factors such as the size of your business, location and the facilities you offer.

With our bed and breakfast insurance policies, you can be rest assured that you, your guests and your property are all protected against the most common claims, including theft and property damage. However, we also consider the worst eventualities, so if your business was ever hit by a fire or flood, you’d be able to rely on us to cover insurable losses. 

Insuring your bed and breakfast doesn’t have to be costly — and it’s more than likely that your annual premium will be less than the expenses you could face, should an incident happen on your property that you’re not covered against. 

Find out more about our bed and breakfast insurance policies, and simply get in touch with us to speak to an advisor. Take a look at our other tourism & hospitality products too, including insurance for pubs, hotels & restaurants and guest house insurance.

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Bed & Breakfast Insurance FAQs
Does my home insurance cover my bed and breakfast?
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The simple answer here is no, you will need a policy that specifically covers this activity. If an insurer doesn’t know about it, you’re likely not covered.

Do I need business insurance for my bed and breakfast?
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Yes, you will require a policy that is tailored to this activity, usually a Guesthouse Insurance provider can cater for this risk. It’s very important to get the cover right, with an insurer who knows what you are doing.

What does my bed and breakfast insurance policy need to cover?
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Legally, if you have employees assisting you, you’ll  need Employers Liability, but you’ll also need Public Liability Insurance so if your guests are injured or their property is damaged and hold you responsible you have cover. You should also consider your buildings and contents, potentially your stock. You also need to consider insuring your income as this will evaporate overnight in the event your building has a total loss. If you have bookings, having alternative accommodation cover can assist when your building is not inhabitable due to an insured incident.

How much does bed and breakfast insurance cost?
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How long is a piece of string? Every bed and breakfast will be unique in its own way, whether they have a single bedroom or 10 will impact the premium, as well as the sums insured required. Location will also have an impact on this as well as exposures to areas with a high risk of flooding. It’s important to deal with a broker who keeps costs in mind for you whilst ensuring your cover is adequate in the event of a claim. Trusting your broker is an important part of insuring your business.

What is included in my bed and breakfast insurance costs?
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This depends on what cover you require as your policy will be tailored to your exact needs.