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Anaerobic Digestion / Biomass Insurance

Land owners, dairy farmers and food producers often have the land, the crops and the waste (including animal manure) to supply and site an Anaerobic Digester.   The digestion is a series of processes in which organic material is broken down in the absence of oxygen (so within an enclosed container) which releases biogas.  In addition to managing waste to commence the process, the biogas can then be harnessed to generate renewable heat and electricity for either industrial or domestic purposes.  The product remaining is a nutrient rich fertiliser, known as digestate, which itself can be utilised as an alternative to synthetic fertilisers.   These processes produce particular risk exposures including:

–  Fire
–  Explosion of boilers or pressure vessels
–  Breakdown or failure of gas engines or steam turbines
–  Spontaneous combustion of fuel stock

With high levels of investment required to cover construction and operational costs, managing biomass risks has become increasingly important so it is imperative to have the relevant insurance cover in place to meet your specific requirements.  Contact our team for a free ‘no obligation’ quotation or discussion by completing our enquiry form or alternatively email us and we will respond directly.

Still considering renewable energy options?
Our sister company H&H Land and Property has an in-depth understanding of anaerobic digestion and can support you to make the most of your resource.  Their specialist Renewable Energy team will discuss through and advise on the potential of your site for an anaerobic digester, through a full project management service which includes:

  • Feasibility Study and Assessment
  • Full Technology and Investment Appraisals
  • Full Planning Service
  • Grant Availability

They are becoming increasingly involved in smaller scale anaerobic digestion plants which are easily financed and can be run alongside traditional farming operations.

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