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Working Dog Insurance

NOTE: Working Dog Insurance is ONLY available as an extension to an EXISTING farm/combined policy – we cannot insure your working dog via a standalone policy.

Here at H&H Insurance Brokers we understand that to some farmers, estate workers and game-keepers, the fully trained sheep dog or gun dog is worth as much as a second employee so appreciate how valuable an asset your working dog is.

As part of your existing Farm/Combined insurance policy, we are able to offer insurance obtained on an ‘All Risks of Mortality’ basis covering:

  • Death by accident, illness or disease
  • Theft including unexplained disappearance

Note: Limited cover applies for vets fees | Minimum premiums apply | Cover applies in the UK only

To ensure your working dog is covered and to discuss further please complete our enquiry form or alternatively email us and a member of our team will respond directly.

General Note
It is important that the work place is safe for employees from threats both from inside and outside but are you also considering your working dog security? Prevention is better than cure so the following points might be worth considering:

  • Many thieves take advantage of the fact that working dogs are housed outside and not in the main house. Therefore you need to look at the kennel area. Is the dog run secure? Is extra security lighting or installing CCTV appropriate? You could also think about installing noisy bolts and chains, anything that could draw attention to someone getting into the kennels. And if your dog continues to bark and seems genuinely disturbed, it may not be a false alarm and could be worth investigating.
  • If you haven’t already, talk to your vet about getting your dogs micro chipped. If anyone shows interest in buying your dogs make sure that you have genuine contact details before giving out your address.

But what if the worst happens and your dog goes missing or is stolen? Nothing can compensate fully for the loss of a pet or working dog. Aside from the emotional stress that this situation can put on all the family, the difficulties that the loss of a gun dog or sheep dog at specific times of the farming and estate calendar make it near impossible for it to be “ business as usual”. You do not want to find out at this stage, that your insurance policy is totally inadequate.

It’s important that policyholders check their insurance details as there are as many different levels of cover as there are breeds of dog. Some policies include working dogs in with the general livestock section and thus the same perils that are applied to the cattle or sheep, will by default, apply equally to the dogs. It can range from cover restricted to only a basic fire peril risk or increase through to an All Risks Mortality for a specified animal. Making sure your dog is properly insured will not stop the theft but at H&H Insurance Brokers, we can offer tailor made cover to help ease the financial burden that seeking a replacement will place on the family farming business.

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